Bloch Soleil Foot Glove



Contemporary and modern dance foot glove that protects the ball and top of the foot by acting like a second skin. The revolutionary design fits like a glove and removes the need for additional straps around the toes or foot, creating a smooth line.
– Silicone lined elastic support that secures the foot thong on the foot.
– Breathable mesh upper across the top of foot and toes
– Leather outsole protects the foot and aids in turning
– V shape enhances fit and comfort
– Additional padding designed within the footpad enhances comfort
– Wide silicone backed elastic grips the foot
– Leather outsole to protect the toes and ball of the foot and allow dancers freedom of movement and effortless turning
– Additional padding in outsole to enhance comfort
– Air holes in the outsole to assist in wicking away moisture from foot


S, M, L