Carmen Ladies Leggings Lycra



Full-length leggings by Carmen: These types of leggings work well with many outfits and can be paired with anything from T-shirts, tanks and jean jackets to ankle boot ,made of lycrα.
Carmen uses high lycra which is hypo-allergenic and is one of the best options for people with sensitive skin.
This natural fabric absorbs moisture, rather than repelling, and doesn’t lose brightness after many wash cycles.


XS, S, M, L


103 Black, 113 Oltremare, 125 Boyscout, 126 Harlequin Fluo, 128 Madagascar, 136 Filigrana, 137 Titanium, 143 Stardust, 144 Shangai, 145 Army, 146 Turandot, 149 Alien, Antique (Mat), Jeep (Mat), Victoria (Mat), Nottingham (Mat)

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