Gaynor Minden Totally Toes Fitting Kit


The Inner gel coating helps alleviate pressure that can cause bruised toenails. Especially effective when the second toe is shorter than the big toe. Great for broken or ingrown toenails. Cut to size.

Gaynor Minden’s Totally Toes Fitting Kit makes you feel like you’ve been reborn with custom-made ballerina feet. A breakthrough (it’s actually patented) in pointe shoe fit and comfort.
No comparison to lamb’s wool, bulky toe pads, make-up sponges, or any of those other antiquated desperation measures.

The Totally Toes Fitting Kit contains one pair each of:

Cool Blue Gel Crescents
Cool Blue Gel Ovals
Mushroom Micro Pads
Dynamic Box Liners
Clear, Illustrated Instructions
Cool Blue Gel Crescents:

Do you have a longer 2nd toe (a.k.a Morton’ s Foot)? The Cool Blue Gel Crescents redistribute the weight off of that poor, vulnerable toe

Cool Blue Gel Ovals:

Is your big toe taking all the abuse? The Cool Blue Gel Ovals provide instand relief and a certain comforting ‘give’.
Mushroom Micro-Pads:

Do you have sensitive big toe nails? The Mushroom Micro-Pads, made of real Poron*, protect and comfort.

Dynamic Box Liners:

Sliding down into the box? Stop the pain and chafe right now. PoronĀ®* Dynamic Box Liners hold your foot up and out of the box on pointe (actually you have to hold yourself up, but these will help keep you there). Then, the moment you’re down, they compress so you can truly spread your foot. That’s the “dynamic” part. Amazingly effective. Puts the joy back in jumping.