ImproveDance Pirouette Master



PirouetteMASTER dance turn board by Improve Dance. The pirouetteMASTER™ is the first and only turning device designed to work in both flat and relevé. It also features a safety brake designed to help avoid falls in flat mode. Flat mode helps the user get the feeling of multiple turns and exercises spotting. Due to the pirouetteMASTER™’s convex shape, which creates instability, it challenges the user to keep their core strong while still having plenty of surface area for balancing (whole foot). This makes it easier to accomplish multiple turns. Relevé mode is for learning control while turning. Because the dancer exercises turns on relevé on this mode, it is the closest to normal turning. It is however, more challenging because of the pirouetteMASTER™’s convex shape. Once the user masters turning on Relevé Mode, it will translate much easier to normal turning. Safety Brake is located on the back end of the bottom part and only engages when the user is about to slip and fall.


Pink, Blue, Clear